In-Home Training
Ideal for puppies, young and adult dogs.  Any behavior problem or training goals can be addressed.  Lessons held in your home with your family.  Lessons are catered to your dog and your needs.  Complete as many lessons as you’d like or need.

Private Training
We can target any training goals in a real world location.  Your dog may respond reliably at home, but need extra help elsewhere.  We can meet at a local park, pet store or other public location.

Semi-Private Training
Gather one, two or three other dog owners for a small group class.  Lessons are taught in one home.  Individual attention is given to each dog with the advantage of socialization and reduced cost.

Behavior Problem Solving
A specialized training program is designed for dogs experiencing behavior issues – such as separation anxiety and/or compulsive behaviors. I am happy to share referrals for aggressive tendencies (from mild to severe) – toward people or other animals.

Off Leash Training
Remote, off leash training available for advanced reliability.  Achieve a reliable “come” “wait” “drop” command in any location with the use of a remote, electronic collar (“e-collar”).

Specialty Services
I would be happy assist in other dog training services – such as, new puppy selection, rescue dog evaluation, temperament testing, school programs, dog safety presentations, service dog preparation, etc.


pay per lesson


lessons can be scheduled as we go
lessons can be scheduled in advance


lessons can be scheduled once per week
lessons can be scheduled bi-monthly


lessons last approximately 60 minutes

morning, afternoon & evenings
typically available within two to four weeks in advance
Age & Breed/Mix

any age of dog and any breed or mix of dog

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Pack Leash Walk
Need exercise? Is your social dog shy or too excitable around other dogs? Join me, my dog and “The Pack” for a FREE and informal leash walk every Saturday from 9am – 10am at Central Park in Doylestown. For the safety of the dogs and their human companions, your dog needs to be friendly with other dogs (while on leash) and an Invitation & Rules review is needed before your first walk.
More information on UPCOMING CLASSES page and UPCOMING EVENTS page.

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