Tip: Importance of a Walk

I stress the importance of allowing our dogs the freedom to run, play, romp around in a secure area. The secure area may be a physical fence, an invisible fence or in a doggie daycare. This activity allows our dogs the opportunity to “be a dog.” This will never change. But…. Let’s talk about the importance of leash walking.

It doesn’t matter if your dog has their own backyard or property to run in. All dogs need to be taken on leash walks. A dog should be taken on a leash walk at least once per day. Rain, sun, wind…your dog needs to walk.

I want your dogs on their training leash, not a retractable leash. The distance you walk is not important. The way you walk is what is important.

When you walk, I want you to walk with a purpose. I want you to travel and I don’t want you to stop. I want your dog’s head up, I don’t want them sniffing. The more that your dog stops to sniff, the more overstimulated they will get. When dogs get overstimulated, their behavior is more likely to become uncontrollable. This is why many dogs “zoom” around the house after they return home from a walk.

Leash walking your dog is one of the easiest ways that you can assert yourself as a leader.

Dogs need a purpose. Dogs need a job to work for us. This is why many of our dogs like to carry something as they walk (a stick, toy, etc.) The next time you are at the pet food store, pick up a saddle pack for your dog to wear as you walk. You will be amazed to see how their head will go up. They will prance and be much better behaved on their walk.

Happy Training,

Susie 🙂

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