Tip: Exercise to Keep your Dog Relaxed

There are many ways to exercise our dogs. With most of you, we have discussed the importance of appropriate games to play with your dog.

I stress the importance of games like: fetch, find it, hide and seek, and soccer.

We have discussed the importance of having your dog romp with other dog(s) in a secure space….allowing them the opportunity explore through the woods…and creating the opportunity to practice their breed specific activities like herding, tracking, water retrieving, etc.

These activities give your dog excellent physical exercise, BUT….please don’t forget these activities also create EXCITEMENT.

There is only one activity that will exercise your dog and RELAX your dog at the same time. It is….leash walking. To be more specific….proper leash walking. When walking by your side and walking at a consistent, steady pace…your dog will begin to relax walking in this zone or a rhythm.

This is especially important for young dogs that have a more difficult time controlling their excitement. This is why I continue to encourage you to walk with your dog, as it will help balance and relax your dog’s mind.

Happy Training,

Susie 🙂

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